Ground Blinds Camo – Do you Brush in you ground blind?

Ground Blinds Camo – Do you Brush in you ground blind?

Ground Blind Camo

I have a question for everyone who hunts from ground blinds.

Do you brush in your ground blinds once you have picked the best spot?

Or maybe a better way to put it is: Do you throw some sticks and natural cover around your ground blinds to make it blend in better?

This is something I have been thinking about and trying the past few years. This is what I think. If you have the chance to make your ground blind blend in with its surroundings a little more, it helps. I certainly don’t think it hurts your chances. I have seen people do both and both have success.

I have been thinking lately if this really makes a difference. I mean really…the blind already has a great camo pattern. Do you take the extra steps to make brush in your blind or just set it  out in the middle of a field—no cover at all?

I understand you don’t always have the time or option to do this. Like an open field or maybe you chasing down a TOM and have to set up quickly.

I think it depends on a few factors.

  1. If you don’t have any natural cover, the amount of time your blind has been set-up plays a role in how suspicious turkeys or deer are when they see the ground blind. Turkeys or deer may be OK with the blind there; they just may be a little more cautious at first. Once they become familiar with it, they will become more comfortable. (some animals are just smart! And get out….I think this happens more than we know.)
  2. In high pressured areas, the turkeys and deer are just more skidish. So cover or brushing in your blind is probably going to help you. Even then, turkeys and deer are familiar with their surroundings…so it may take a little time before they become comfortable with it.
  3. If natural cover is available…I use it. Any time you have time to brush in your blind…do it. It will not hurt you. Just be don not overdue it and obscure your shot. Keep your shooting lanes clear.

Overall it depends on the situation, but if you have time to brush in your blind I would do it. If no cover is available, time is you friend.

I have experienced both situations. I have had both turkeys and deer within 10 yards of my ground blind with any natural cover at all in an open field and the same when my blind had the natural cover of the surroundings.

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