Wisconsin Crossbow Laws are being reviewed, Crossbows in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Legislation is review the use of crossbows for the Wisconsin deer hunting seasons. Up until this point, there have been special guidelines you had to fall within, in order to use a crossbow in WI. You had to be over the the age of 65 or some medical / physical condition preventing you from physically being able to pull back a bow. (You had to apply for this approval).

Now Wisconsin is looking into allowing everyone being able to use a crossbow if they choose. OR at least it make it easier to use a crossbow when hunting deer.

Crossbows in Wisconsin

Crossbows may be here soon – This fall 2013???

The legislation to approve crossbows is being reviewed as I write this article. It sounds like there is a big push to get crossbows available for everyone to use by this fall – 2013. The Wisconsin Archery season starts in September, so they better get going. Early news stated that you would be required to purchase a separate permit to use a crossbow in Wisconsin. This is mainly due to the fact that it is considered another weapon. We have one license for Archery (Bow), one license for gun (Shotgun, rifle), one license for muzzeloader, and now a crossbow license. That’s a lot of of licenses to go after deer.

I am guessing Wisconsin is thinking this will open the opportunity up for more people to hunt, and also create more Revenue…..$$$

Wisconsin is influenced form other states where it is legal to use a crossbow

There are many other states where it is legal to use crossbows to hunt deer and other game animals. I’m sure we are looking at other proven models to make our decision. Is it working and are there any negative impacts using crossbows? I think it ultimately comes down to the people holding the weapon. If they are responsible, no worries. If you are not responsible, I hope you see the consequences.

What do you think about crossbows in Wisconsin?

There will be many debates about this in the next couple years if crossbows do become legal for everyone. I am sure the crossbow manufacturers will love it. Local archery shops will benefit. Local DNR will benefit.

For me, if it exposes more people to the outdoors and hunting in general….then I am all for it. I can say I will probably not run out an get a crossbow license too soon. I still love my ole stick and string. I prefer this over any other, when chasing whitetails. As long as I can hunt with my bow the last week in October and first weeks in November for deer….I am a happy man!

AND hey, If there comes a day when I cannot pull my bow back …..I would choose a crossbow…but only then.


Check out this video of a Turkey hunt from WI, with a crossbow.

See the US compete in the Archery World CUP 2013 Brought to you by Archery TV from Shanghai 


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